Via @270Hoops/Coach Vic’s Week 4 performers – a few notes &

are young guys who are old hands in hoops in the Central Ohio area.

They organize Coach Vic’s Weekly showcase, an event which brings some of Central Ohio’s and the state of Ohio’s best hoopers together each Sunday in late summer and early fall to compete. The event is open to the public and if I lived in the area I would be there every Sunday. You should go if you get the chance!

From an Ohio State angle, I’ve *’ed the players below who have Buckeye interest but you should read Zach and Jason’s comments about the impressions each player at this week’e event made. is the place to be for first hand knowledge and expertise about Central Ohio High School basketball.

Good information is at your fingertips. Hit the link and go.

(*Ohio State interest)

Point guards mentioned this week are: 1. Danny Corbett 2. Jelani Simmons 3. Brandon Waugh 4. * Jeremiah Francis 5. Jordan Bailey 6. Gabe Watson

Shooting guards: 1. *Tanner Holden 2. Javohn Garcia 3. Devon Baker

Small forwards: 1. * Jerome Hunter 2. Dondre Palmer 3. Max Martz

4. Adrian Nelson

Power forwards: 1. Lony Francis 2. Theron Jennings 3. Eli McNamara

Centers: 1. Grant Smith 2. Caden Sanchez 3. Na’elle Simmons






Exciting Darius Bazley highlights from @endless_motor

This video shows what Darius can do. Spin dribbles, dexterity at the rim, rebounds, blocked shots, assists and what I hadn’t seen yet—>*form and touch on his jump shot.

0:00->0.10 drive, left hand up scoop finish.

0:11->0:16 left baseline jumper (notice the height at which he finishes his follow through).

0:17->0:18 left key jump shot (holds the follow through).

0:19->0:24 Offensive rebound and finish.

0:25->0:36 Defensive rebound, length of floor drive, spin left to right, fouled while trying to finish.

0:36->0:39 dump down diagonal assist from 10 feet right to left (his height is a huge advantage)

0:40->0:57 Defensive rebound, length of court drive, stop/pop opportunity at right key–>dump down assist for dunk to teammate left of rim. (Fun!)

0:58->1:12 Defensive blocked shot, recovered the ball, pass ahead for a fast break assist to teammate.

1:13->1:28 Defensive rebound, length of court drive to mid-lane, fast break assist right of lane.

1:29->1:34 Cut to mid-lane, dunk off 2 feet at rim off assist by teammate.

1:35->1:54  Top of half court press, blocked opponent’s shot mid-lane, passed to at half court, drive to lane area, mid air switch from right to left hand finish.

1:55->2:02 Receives pass from double teamed teammate on perimeter, drive to right lane, smooth stop and pop 2-pointer at 13 feet right lane.

*There’s no question Darius Bazley can shoot the ball from the perimeter, 15 feet and in. Still to see evidence (because I haven’t seen it on video yet) of his three point ability but I think with the form and follow through Bazley has, as he gets stronger, the three ball will go down consistently for him.

* Still interested to see if he can use his right hand to finish. Still interested to see him sit down and defend. Still interested to see him compete when challenged by like or better talent.

*This video should make Ohio State fans excited






Ohio State Basketball Greats – The Olden Days – The Twilight Zone

Don’t these three men, Olden Days Ohio State Basketball Greats Johnny Miner (1925 team), Dick Schnittker (1950 team) and Jimmy Hull (1939 team) look the same age, mostly, in this photo? Even though there is at least 10 years difference, and 25 years in the one instance, in either direction between the three?


Discovered this while messing around inside the Lantern’s archive system.  Like people aged differently back in those days or something?


Justin Ahrens commitment announcement

Congratulations to the Versailles Buckeye, Justin Ahrens!

(Yes, it rhymes)

Watchu think?? It was a great day and many great days are ahead for Ahrens and Bazley. Go Buckeyes!

Great article by Steve Helwagen on Ahrens & Bazley

247s Steve Helwagen consistently delivers excellent articles year after.

Interested in the commitments of Darius Bazley and Justin Ahrens?

Helwagen offers up the best one I have read so far as it pulls effectively on Buckeye heartstrings.

Read and learn how these two talented Ohio players gave the good news to Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta today.

Then find the sentence where Darius Bazley uses the word “proud”

Haven’t heard too many players say what Bazley said flat out in committing.

Awesome!!!      Go Buckeyes!





Video/opinion of Darius Bazley. Less so on Justin Ahrens.

A video that shines well upon Darius Bazley’s ability.

Notice the flow, at 6’8 & w/two full seasons of high school basketball left to play, that Bazley can lay down on the floor. It’s fun to watch and when I say that it means the kid can do stuff with the ball that holds the eye.

I’m not saying his Buckeye comparison in that area is Evan Turner, but his comparison in that area is Evan Turner. Their body type is much the same. Height. Perimeter skills. Inside, outside game.

What we are yet to find out about Darius is his competitiveness.

Evan Turner went after Derrick Rose in a game Simeon versus St. Joseph’s, when they were both playing high school basketball in Chicago. Apparently both Turner and Rose trash talked each other during the game.

Rose’s team won the game and Derrick had 29 points and 5 assists. Turner had 29 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists.

(Tried to post a link that works here about that matchup but it just won’t take)

I saw Turner play way back when in a Duke auxiliary gym at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions and he and Bazley are similar as suggested above.

However, Turner was a rising high school senior when I viewed his game.

Darius shows a definite practice earned touch on the ball when shooting it.    I recall his having 17 rebounds in an EYBL game for King James AAU this summer. That’s playing versus good competition and doing that. When I saw him play in person he retained the aggressiveness on the backboards one would need to rebound 17 missed shots.

The Justin Ahrens section of the video is less revealing. I want to find something better to give an opinion/laymen’s evaluation of his abilities.

I’ll see what I can dig up on both these players. Assessments. Videos. Etc.