Takeaways from Walsh heading toward tonight’s Navy game

Just a few observations/hopes for this game from having watched the Walsh game play by play:

  • It’s a big deal for Thad Matta to start Micah Potter in his 1st game as a frosh. Buckeye fans can see this as desperation by the coaching staff or a promise of good things to come. I choose the latter. Potter’s ability to handle this challenge has been consistent throughout the pre-season. I’ve seen at least three sources state that Micah is viewed in a bright light by Thad and his staff. A strong coaching move before the very 1st game. A gamble of sorts. I like it.
  • CJ Jackson, during the Walsh game, gave me the idea he has a chance to provide valuable back up minutes to JaQuan Lyle at the point guard position this season. It would be huge for Lyle to be able to steal minutes of rest on the bench while Jackson fills in.
  • Appears KBD has gotten the message to shoot his jump shot straight up and down and on balance, without leaning back at the end of the stroke. A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.
  • Jae’Sean Tate seems ready to go. Twin scars on each shoulder was a sight to see. ROBO-Tate!
  • Last thing I’ll add…Think we all know how much JaQuan Lyle’s development can mean to the Ohio State Buckeyes this season. Here’s to you, JaQuan.  Go get it.

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