Give NC Central credit but the Buckeyes better be angry


Give NC Central credit. #11 is damn good.

That’s the end of the positives.

Not Ready For Prime Time Players? Or the Ohio State Buckeyes?

If I had watched Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke or Wisconsin play like Ohio State did tonight against a game, nothing to lose, NC Central program I would have scoffed at a similar result and thought any of those teams were in trouble the entire rest of the season.

I hope the Buckeyes are angry tonight. I hope they don’t sleep well. Pissed at the product they put on the floor tonight.

Sure, this is a game they would have lost last season but, heavens to mergatroids, that’s not much of consolation prize after watching the Buckeyes roam around the floor without a semblance of how to consistently attack NC Central and put them down.

They don’t defend individually. They don’t help out effectively.

Offensively, the Buckeyes better stop shooting jump shot after jump shot to begin games and work the ball 1st for the type of shots that when made unsettle an opponent’s defense. Then start kicking the ball for three attempts.

Is it too much to ask to get organized early in a game and stay that way? Tune in right from the start and work together. Win the game play after solid play. Not on each and every possession.

Oatmeal for breakfast. Not Baked Alaska.

Sensible shoes. Not Air Jordans.

All for one. One for all.

As a team, Ohio State is atrocious at shooting free throws. Plain awful. Unacceptable. Geez Louise! Knock all those shots in!!!

Play defense with your feet. Stop using your hands so much. Rebound like your life depends on it.

I know it’s just the 2nd game of the season but this was a college basketball game I watched tonight not an episode of the Walking Dead Ohio State starred in. Wait, or was it?

Buckeyes, you are better than this. Get it going.

I believe this the Buckeyes can do it. Now’s the time.

I don’t care if I made sense or not.



2 thoughts on “Give NC Central credit but the Buckeyes better be angry”

  1. You pretty much nailed it on all counts. Heard on the radio that there was a long postgame talk with team and coaches. Thad was not a happy camper on his postgame interview with Keels. He mentioned continual defensive breakdowns in the middle that led to multiple layups.
    Tate was a warrior. But all the veterans need to be warriors, and some weren’t tonight like they should be. Stephen Bardo made similar points on BTN. Lyle needs to step it up. He was better tomight. Bardo says we have a lot of great weapons, but we lapse into some head-scratching runs at times. I love the raw talent, but we can and need to play better as a TEAM.

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