Ohio State 61 at Virginia 63 – 2nd Half

Halftime. Feels good to see Ohio State play so well. They are holding Virginia to 28.6 FG %.

JaQuan Lyle has made some great plus plays for Ohio State, so far. He also had a four possession stretch where the ball was in his hands one moment and in Virginia’s hands the next.

Big test for him in 2nd half. This is him in the game where he threw the water bottle after playing poorly versus MSU last season. Question, JaQuan, is how are you going to react this time?

I think he’ll come out focused and will settle down. He has to feel it in his bones how much of a difference he made in the first half when he was making good decisions. Also, what it felt like to lose control.

Guide your team, JaQuan. You. Can. Do. It.

Jae’Sean Tate is playing well. I’m so proud of Trevor Thompson this season. Making plays against Virginia I didn’t see him make last season. He wasn’t capable of it.

Queen “Is this the real life. Is this just fantasy?”

Answer the UVA run, Buckeyes.

36-30. Answer the run.

Hope I don’t have to type that again.

Timeout. 36-32 Ohio State.

Virginia, obviously, made half time adjustments. 8-0 run to start the 2nd half.

Drop it, Jae’Sean. Take the knock and move on. And he did set an illegal pick.

Answer the run, Buckeyes. Get your composure back. 36-35 after a UVA three.

UVA #33 Salt likes to block shots…hard. Fouls Tate. Timeout.

Can Jae’Sean hit two FTs in a row here?

Hits the first. Hits the 2nd. Mojo on Buckeyes side again?

UVA tip for two. 38-37 Ohio State. Tate turnover. UVA hits a two. UVA 39-38.

Whatever CJ Jackson had for breakfast this morning hope he remembers and keeps eating it. Third three-ball down the well for him.

Thompson hits two free throws. 43-39 Ohio State. 12:44 left.

So nervous right now. Loving finally hits a three! 46-41 Buckeyes.

Buckeyes have answered the UVA run. Now keep answering.


Nervous as can be. This would be a HUGE win if the Buckeyes can get it.

Trevor gets caught in popcorn machine. Foul. Three for him? Time for Micah Potter to add in. Wow. Lyle. I’m laughing. That was so sweet.

Loving with the looong assist to Micah Potter. 50-42 Buckeyes.

To point where I think Buckeyes might be a better team than Virginia?

Perrantes with a three. 50-45 Buckeyes.

Twilight time. What’s going to happen?

Timeout. 7:29

Trevor Thompson hits a FT. 51-46. Buckeyes.

Perrantes is good. Three.

Loving!! Assist to Thompson. Senior play.

C’mon Buckeyes!

Tate w/his fourth foul. Could be big.

Kam has to take the ball at the rim like that.

53-52 Ohio State. Kam makes two FTs. 55-52. 4:20 left.

Perrantes three 55-55.

Lyle answers. 57-52

Great game. Proud no matter what.

Foul on Loving.


Tie game 57-57. Turnover Buckeyes. JaQuan Lyle.

Darted past that dagger. Buckeyes on offense.

Lyle another turnover. UVA converts 57-55.

UVA is more composed. Lyle showed the ball too much to the off the ball defender. Under three minutes. Lots of time left.


Dang. Missed three. Then foul on Loving. UVA FTs.

61-57 UVA with 1:28 left.

Loving with a runner. 61-59. UVA.

Crunch time. Captain Crunch time.

22.6 left. Buckeyes must foul.

20 turnovers for Ohio State. Wow. Has hurt the Buckeyes a lot.


Two free throws for Lyle. 63-61.

Foul Thompson.  5 on him.

UVA misses both. Miracle?

Crossing everything I got for luck. Down two at 63-61.

Thought Lyle should have gone at the rim at all costs.

Great game, though. Think Buckeyes learned a few things tonight.

Buckeyes played this well without a major part of their team on the floor in Keita Bates-Diop.

2 thoughts on “Ohio State 61 at Virginia 63 – 2nd Half”

  1. Two go on the road and have a chance to tie or win against #6 Virginia is impressive.

    1. Great ball movement – the Jent factor can’t be under-estimated in this regard.
    2. Solid defense.
    3. The team overcame several intimidating runs by the Cavaliers.
    4. Tate – if only he could be 3-4 inches taller!
    5. They did this without Bates-Diop.

    1. Lyle – he tries too hard at times. 8 turnovers and a flawed final possession makes some forget his skill set. Make no mistake – Ohio State needs him, and when he is on he is elite. Hopefully, we’ll see less of the over-reaching Lyle in the future.
    3. Kam Williams – just wasn’t his day. I’m not really concerned about him.

    This was a fun game (minus the final score). I think it holds positive for the Buckeyes. Yes – any game where CJ Jackson makes multiple three’s (and Tate even gets one) can lead to a big first half lead, but Ohio State showed me that this team is very capable of winning a few games.

    1. All good comments. There’s no way any of what happened Wednesday night in Charlottesville “should” be interpreted in a negative way. The Buckeyes took the fight to the Cavaliers for a large portion of this game. This team is improving and seems a long way, even with the good showing against Virginia, from reaching their ceiling. They played this well without KBD? As Jae’Sean Tate stated, this game served notice not to take the Buckeyes lightly.

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