ghost the @ Wisconsin 2nd half “When do the wheels fall off the bus?” edition

Wisconsin starts off the 2nd half leading 45-27….

Buckeyes start off getting Trevor Thompson a shot on right block.—>Vito Brown, a Bowling Green, Ohio native, responds with a three.

Lyle misses a shot, Thompson tips but misses—>Vito Brown hits a three…51-27…

Lyle misses a three, Tate strips Nigel Hayes, Loving misses a three…got to keep giving JaQuan Lyle credit here…he’s going to the lane and kicking the ball for OPEN-OPEN-OPEN three attempts and no one is a Scarlet jersey is hitting those shots!

Wisconsin turnover…Loving to Kam Williams right of key, pump fake and rive all the way to rim for two…51-29…

Hayes is fouled by Tate…misses 1st FT & 2nd…Lyle again threatens the lane…fouled on shot attempt…Buckeyes are losing BIG but Lyle has been solid, I think…no FTs, though…inbounds, Williams curls to right FT line elbow and hits the jumper…51-31…17:07…

Buckeyes are playing this game but down 20 they look sand blasted…a powerful force has ahold of them…they can’t get away…wondering what Thad Matta and his staff had to say to them at halftime…what were the expressed objectives in the locker room to try and get back in the game?

Hit shots would be first on my list. Dig in on D the 2nd.

Happ cuts R to L diagonally across lane, catches pass on time, Trevor Thompson stays with it to get the clean block from behind…2nd time he’s done that…Trevor, also, is solid…wish for more from him…he’s had a good season…

Just saw replay of the Kam Williams successful curl jumper…he was way up in the air…no chance to get blocked…another wish, get Kam opportunities like that as much as possible…there’s a player who can make plays offensively…

Wisconsin swings ball left to right, Brown isolated on right FT elbow, drives w/Loving on his hip, and is met at the hoop by Trevor Thompson…an emphatic SWAT of that shot…

Thompson has earned respect this season…congrats Trevor!

Koenig drills a top of the key three….54-31 — 16:32…Showalter ties Lyle up…held ball…to Wisky…Koenig again w/the three…15:46—>57-31…

Definitely have to go there…Third wheel on the Buckeye bus has fallen off after those consecutive threes by Koenig…Ohio State is a brand name every one wants to take on and beat up on, if possible…you think people in Wisconsin, football and basketball fans, aren’t harking back to football beatdowns and hoop wars by and with Ohio State? Teams want to defeat the Buckeyes every single shot they have…Ohio State is huge, successful name…OSU air rifle team? Yep, they’re Buckeyes, take ’em down…Synchro swimming? Yep, take ’em down.

Buckeye hoops wants to stay on top it needs to realize there is no quarter given at all. Bring it or get stung.

Tate picks up two on left hand drive.—>Hayes scores layup and is fouled by Tate…Hayes misses the and one FT…Badgers rebound…entry pass to Happ…passes back out for re-entry try…gets it immediately from D’Mritik Trice on the bounce. Happ baseline around Thompson…Thompson is off balance, am sure he’s not wanting to get that foul, Happ with two…

Wisconsin is up 61-33….Ohio State is methodically being taken to the junk yard by the Badgers…payback, I think…

As Buckeyes bring ball up, I notice there’s no expressed assumption on court that the almost 30 point deficit can be cut down. Off court, on the Buckeye bench, the entire team and coaching staff is sitting down. Nobody’s moving. Every single player and coach has is sitting with linked hands in lap. Absorption.

These kind of games have to stop. This is exactly when all the wheels fall off the bus for me….if there’s 28 wheels on the Buckeye bus they have all fallen off onto the highway surface, even though the vehicle is only moving forward at about 12 miles an hour.

This is the @Maryland game from last season all over again. Ohio State is again doing the opposite of the Energizer Bunny.

As a fan it’s difficult in the extreme to see a team you would walk the Amazon River to watch play as though these minutes don’t matter. I saw this happen @Maryland last season. My one hope this season was not to see that happen again this season. But it has.

Williams misses a three. Buckeyes foul on other. Replay of chicken wing Ethan Happ used to get around Thompson is shown. Call that, ref!

Nigel Hayes bakes Andre Wesson for a baseline dunk. Potter hits two free throws. Hayes and Andre Wesson are talking to each other a little at their foul line spots. Hope Andre is telling him that dunk is not going to happen again.

Ilkainen with a three.—>Lyle to Potter from behind the three line…Potter immediately back to Lyle…Three for JaQuan…good hoops play…Showalter strips Lyle…

Wisconsin 66-35 w/12:56 left. Ilkainen w/another three. Ilkainen’s shot unfolds like a crane heading from his hand to the basket.

Potter answers with a three. He and Ilkainen enjoy some friendly anything you can do I can do better banter heading back up the floor.

Moments like that I enjoy about the players, despite the huge Badger lead. It humanizes the players. Really, they are they just kids on the playground. Only the asphalt is wood and there are 15,000 people in the park watching.

Potter blocks a Badger layup out of bounds.

ESPN shows Nigel Hayes mom, Talaya, sitting in the stands. There’s a lady who dislikes Ohio State and, I think, Thad Matta. I don’t know the entire story but whatever hard feelings were accumulated came through the recruiting process.

Here’s part of how Nigel Hayes ended up at Wisconsin:

Note: Nigel’s brother, Kenny, was a member of the Ohio State football team before ending up at the University of Toledo. The reason why is online.

Showalter with two. Loving is stripped by Khalil Iverson, a late developing player from Ohio who I enjoyed keeping an eye on at Delaware Hayes, HS.

Iverson passes to Showalter who alley oops back to Iverson for a crowd pleasing dunk.

The spare tire has now even fallen off the Buckeye bus. Iverson can fly. Badgers 73-41 and there is still 10:56 left to play. 32 points? I can’t fathom it.

At least Thad is now standing up in the bench area. Everyone else over there is still in the same position.

Kam Williams hits another FT line elbow jumper.

Think I’m just going to watch now. There aren’t any wheels left, anyway.

Get ready for Michigan State in the Schott.

Let’s see if we can get a mechanic to put some of those wheels safely back on the Buckeye bus.

Go Buckeyes!


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