Michigan State at Ohio State 2nd half timeout thoughts

First timeout – Drill Buckeyes did this week after Wisconsin where they practice with no rules seems to have made a difference. Can’t look cool and play basketball hard and well, unless you’re Julius Erving.

2nd timeout – Buckeyes 44-43 – Reffing a game is an impossible task. Nick Ward gets the benefit of the call when Trevor Thompson just whacked an arm on his tip in basket. Trevor did not get the same call first half.

This is a battle till the end. Can the Buckeyes overcome. These kids need a win bad.

3rd timeout – Buckeyes 52-50 A. JaQuan Lyle is playing great on offense. B. Marc Loving is not. TOO many unforced errors. Here’s the ball, take it. He knows he can do better.

Add in game note – When in doubt, back it out. Jae’Sean – No, what was that???

4th timeout –  56-56 Buckeyes have these games where they do not handle fast breaks well. This is one of them.

5th timeout – Buckeyes 64-58 If Jae’Sean Tate makes a deep corner three late in a close game with a rival, it sure feels like a great omen for Ohio State.

In game note – On his foul on the three – Trevor Thompson – You’re really tall. Just be a threat sometimes. Unnecessary foul.

6th timeout – Buckeyes 66-60 Giving credit, T. Thompson is playing very well. Kam Williams came out as aggressive and effective as I’ve seen him at Ohio State in this level of game. Big points early. Kam, have you taken a  shot in the 2nd half? 3:57 to go. Got to have this win.

Note – Miles Bridges is out of his mind shooting the three ball this game.

Note – Nick Ward is a true beast. One of those from the Jabberwocky poem, too.

7th timeout – Buckeyes lead 69-65…1:06 left to play. Ohio State possession. Is it possible Ohio State will win this game? This possession needs to go at the rim at some point. Use the clock. Get off a good shot.

8th timeout – 20.6 left…Buckeyes lead 70-67. Someone on the Buckeyes better make free throws. Can’t allow this game to be a ‘How in the living daylights did the Buckeyes find a way to lose this one?’

9th timeout – Prayers.

Note – Kam Williams is fouled. He is the guy I want shooting these shots.

10th timeout – Make the shots. Handle the MSU transition to offense.

Kam makes one. MSU misses. Tate rebounds. Fouled. Makes one.

Buckeyes win. I’m a grown man about ready to puddle up.

Yeah for the good guys!




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