Ohio State at Purdue/Sunday 3:30 game – A Popeye win is a win is a win.

I might stop watching the Ohio State women play. I viewed the @MSU game from the past week and the Buckeyes were blitzed.

Get a chance this morning to watch this @Purdue game and in the 1st quarter OSU game 3/15 from the field and trail the Boilermakers 20-6.

Buckeyes began game 0-8 from the floor. Kelsey Mitchell starts 0-5.

Now 22-6. Those Boiler shovels are active.

Tori McCoy hits a shot. Purdue 22-8. Mitchell hits a three. 1st points at 12:00 minutes in.

Buckeyes now at 34-29 by hitting 11-12 free throws in the 2nd quarter.

Buckeyes 6 points/7 turnovers in the first quarter & then 28 points/2 turnovers in the 2nd quarter.  Boilermakers lead 36-34.

Buckeyes were way more active in the 1st half. Especially around the basket. I’m enjoying seeing freshman Tori McCoy progress. She looks much more comfortable now as compared to the beginning of the season.

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Mitchell hits an on the move two to start the 3rd quarter. Mitchell hooks up with McCoy on a long range assist at the rim. Alexa Hart is active on the glass and puts back a missed Kiara Lewis layup attempt.

Purdue guard Ashley Morrissette has the nickname “Steady Eddy Morrissette”  That’s great.

Purdue gets multiple shots in one possession and eventually ties the score at 40.

Ohio State & Purdue with matching 6 point runs to start the 3rd quarter.

Boilermakers 48 – Ohio State 47 at end of the 3rd quarter.

(Reading the post game stats I see Kelsey Mitchell made just 3-17 shots after hitting just 4-18 shots in the loss at Michigan State.  Mind boggling. But Mitchell is still making a borderline respectable .431 of her shots from the floor this season and is .363 on threes. She has taken 673 total shots this season. Almost 200 more than the next level Buckeye shot taker, Asia Doss, who has taken 477 shots.)

Tori McCoy obliterates two shot attempts by Purdue’s #10 Andreona Keys. McCoy got the 1st one pretty good from behind. The ball dropped in front of Keys. She picked it up. Dribbled once, backed up and banged into McCoy to clear space to shoot. Keys went right up with the ball again and McCoy knocked the shot with extra force that time. Messages being sent in that exchange.

This game resembles bowling. Players are both the pins and the ball. There’s a lot of flying in to the mix going on and a lot of players hitting the ground.

Another remarkable stat connected to Kelsey Mitchell. She has made 34-35 free throws in conference this season. That’s something else. A lot of edges, angles and details are part of Mitchell’s game. Not sure I have a handle on them all.

It’s a 50-50 contest with 7:42 left in the 4th. Mitchell just hit two tech free throws after Purdue’s Andreona Keys complained to the refs about the fouls not called on Tori McCoy on the plays above I just described.

Sad showing by both teams from the land of three. Both teams combined are 3-23 from beyond the stripe.

Tie game at 54 w/3:59 left.

Sierra Calhoun makes a three for the Buckeyes.

Commentator states “This game has the feel of an overtime game.”

Sierra Calhoun with a great rebound for a defensive stop by the Buckeyes. Under two. Now the Boilers ball again.

Purdue with just 18 points in 2nd half which means Buckeyes have only scored 22. A slobber-knocker type of game?

Mitchell to Cooper top of key. Mavunga seals off D in lane. Cooper ignores it. Drives and dribbles ball out of bounds. Wow. Not a good end of a possession out of the timeout.

Buckeyes put Purdue on the foul line. Dominique Oden makes one and then the second. Buckeyes 57-56. Mitchell to Mavunga under the hoops. Two points, for a 59-56 lead. Nice pass. Strong finish. Twenty seconds left in the game.

Morrissette misses a three. Ohio State ties up Purdue on rebound w/7.8 seconds left. Purdue timeout.

Doss with ball out of bounds. Mitchell picks Stephanie Mavunga’s defender at half court. Rest of Buckeyes headed away from the basket. Mavunga breaks free. Recieves the pass. All alone Mavunga hits a layup for the final score of 61-56. A road win for the Buckeyes which is always a precious commodity in the Big Ten.

A win is a win is a win.

I yam what I yam what I yam.



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