Fight. Scratch. Claw. Hopes for the end of this season.

Was reminded by a huge Buckeye fan just now of what I hope to see from Ohio State’s team in the remaining four regular season games, Big 10 Tournament contests, and wherever the program ends up for the post season.

Starting with the Nebraska game at home early this evening.

  • Intensity on Ohio State player’s faces.
  • Defensive stances. Sounds of the rubber on shoes screeching as feet move on defense. Voices that call out picks.
  • Bodies in flight to get to rebounds. All opportunities exhausted to win the ball.
  • No blood. No foul.
  • Hand slaps. Communication during and between the flow of the game.
  • A rush to pick up fallen teammates.
  • Up and down bench. Hand claps. Cheers. Rowdy support.
  • Great choices made. Strategy employed.
  • Follow through on shots attempted.
  • Runs answered with runs.
  • Attention paid to coaches during timeouts.

Play that honors the privilege of wearing a Scarlet and Gray uniform.




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